Albert Bartlett Rooster Potatoes


It’s not a Russet. It’s not a Red. It’s a Rooster.

Rooster potatoes are brand new to the US. It’s not a russet or a red potato—it starts pink, but bakes golden brown, with a light yellow fluffy flesh. You can bake it, boil it, mash it, roast it or fry it—a truly all-purpose potato. The Rooster is Ireland’s most popular potato and is a runaway best-seller in mainland Britain. We’re proud to watch as this tasty tuber hits the ground running in the American market. Try it in one of your favorite recipes or look here to bring some inspired potato creations to a dinner table near you.

Traditional Rooster Mashed Potatoes
Grilled Rooster Potato Rounds
Oven Roasted Rooster Potatoes with Garlic & Rosemary
Parmesan Crusted Rooster Potatoes
Pot Roasted Chicken with Bay Studded Rooster Potatoes